Customer Experience Measurement

Great Outcomes can design and deliver a Customer Experience measurement process to meet your needs and goals. Great Outcomes has a range of platforms that we can suggest to provide a unique CX solution for your business.  Having knowledge of multiple vendor platforms we can create a solution to facilitate data collection, data storage, and to ensure security and confidentiality.

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  • Customer Experience Monitoring

    Great Outcomes’ has applications for end-to-end data capture and reporting. 

    Great Outcomes has applications for online real-time tools to provide customer experience feedback following interactions with your staff and business.  Whether via your IVR, an online email platform, or post-call survey tool we will provide recommendations about how to approach CX measurement and which applications are most suited. Responses can be captured through a range of digital formats for customers to engage with the data collection process; including private URLs, QR codes, and mobile SMS/Text response on any device (pc, tablet, smartphone).

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  • Post Call Survey Management

    Great Outcomes’ Consulting services can manage your customer experience surveys and reporting. 

    Contact centre post-call surveys using online cloud based platforms. These flexible tools can be offered in a range of formats:

    • Automatically, via IVR
    • Directly by agents, or
    • Independently, as a stand-alone voice-based interactive survey

    Gather direct feedback from callers on topics such as:

    • Customer satisfaction: “How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the overall experience of our service?”
    • Agent performance: “How do you rate the service quality of the service rep who served you today?”
    • First call resolution: “Was the issue resolved from your first call or did you have to call more than once?”
    • Net promoter score: “Would you recommend our service to your family or friends?”

    View and analyze survey results using intuitive and customizable charts and graphs. This makes it easy to translate raw data into actionable intelligence.


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