CyberSecurity Awareness Training

To build strong security awareness and a robust culture in your organisation, Great Outcomes provides a comprehensive cyber security awareness service including:

  • Online individual training courses (weekly or monthly)
  • Dashboard reporting and monitoring for individual and comparative status, by person, team, department and group wide status
  • Systematic testing of awareness, such as random phishing emails sent to each staff member
  • Process documentation to provide structure for your organisation on security
  • Microsoft Outlook plug-in for phishing checks
  • Catchphish button for O365 (to check email validity)
  • Dark web monitoring for your business and employee email addresses and passwords
  • Library and archives for material such as courses, tests, quizzes, videos
  • Security policy creation and employee acknowledgement
  • Real time employee threat scoring

Services are provided via a monthly, consumption based, subscription fee approach.
Let us know how many staff in your organisation for accurate pricing.

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