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Great Outcomes leads the implementation of cloud based contact centre software. We are a global partner of 8×8 Global Cloud Communications, assisting our clients to deliver more rewarding experiences with every customer contact. We empower businesses by giving them the tools to support remote, mobile and home based workers anywhere. Connect with every customer, every time, using the methods they prefer.


8×8 Virtual Contact Centre


8×8 Virtual Contact Centre provides the advanced communication tools you need to enhance the customer experience and deliver world-class customer support and sales. 8×8’s solution is completely cloud-based, significantly reducing both your capital and operating expenses.

 8×8 Global Cloud Communications
Call centre software that transforms customer service

Any Media
Communicate with customers and manage contacts on all channels: voice, email, chat, and
web. Capture all interactions for increased customer satisfaction, greater efficiency and better targeting.

Reliability and Security
8×8’s reliability, security and compliance make it an ideal choice for companies that need high reliability or that must satisfy the requirements of PCI, FISMA, FIPS, Safe Harbor or HIPAA (tailored BAAs available).

Analytics Increase Agent Productivity
8×8’s intuitive, web-based user interface lets agents work anywhere, while centralised management and reporting features empower supervisors to manage everything from agent scheduling to coaching, recording and call intervention.

Connect Locally. Manage Globally
8×8’s secure and redundant data centres help unite and manage all your contact centres into one seamless global support organisation. Agents can work from anywhere, and smart call
routing quickly connects customers with the right agents—anywhere in the world.

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Teleopti WFM is a world-class Workforce Management solution that encompasses all that you need to optimise the staffing and customer service across your enterprise. Our complete solution supports optimisation of your contact centre, back office and even your branches and stores. Teleopti provides everything necessary to effectively manage your staff, forecast demand, create schedules automatically, develop accurate and insightful reports and improve your overall customer service operation.

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Great Outcomes is injixo’s partner in New Zealand and Australia. We’re really excited to present injixo to clients in our region because it is so well suited to the scale and nature of our clients’ businesses, and it’s incredibly cost effective.

injixo is a powerful and easy-to-use cloud based workforce management suite for forecasting, scheduling and intraday management. It helps you forecast and resource your service operation better, to achieve lower costs whilst still meeting your service delivery goals.

injixo software comprises six key features:

  1. Forecast – Fully automated, self-learning forecasting. Always up to date.
  2. Schedule – Optimised scheduling. The heart of successful workforce management.
  3. Act – Powerful intraday management. Hit your service goals all the time.
  4. Me – Agent self-service portal. Your employees will love it.
  5. Learn – Industry-leading workforce management education. Powered by The Call Center School.
  6. Community – Meet fellow call centre pros. Share solutions and best practice.


injixo runs on one of the most secure cloud computing environments available today and has been engineered to provide enterprise-grade security and safety for your data as well as maximum uptime. injixo guarantees minimum availability of 99.5% and has consistently over-delivered.


Whether you have 10, 100 or 1000 frontline service reps, injixo scales with your needs. Just add and reduce capacity as you go. There is no need to upgrade and fine tune your server infrastructure, so that your IT department can focus on things that really matter.

No Capex

injixo provides incredibly fast payback. Since it’s delivered as a service in the cloud, you don’t need costly server hardware, upfront capital investment, a big IT project or ongoing maintenance costs. It may be the easiest business case you ever present.


injixo helps you to manage your workforce anytime and anywhere. With it’s mobile-ready applications, team members can easily access their schedules on their own smartphone or tablet whilst on the go.

Always up to date

injixo takes care of ongoing and seamless updates of all apps and the entire infrastructure, including security updates. Everything is always up to date, so that you can capitalize on the latest functionality and most recent operating environment without waiting.


injixo is easy to get started with. Introducing the application into your centre will only take a few weeks. With integrated online training, support from injixo’s experts and a strong injixo WFM user community, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll see results for your centre.

Monthly ‘Ask the Expert’ Webinars

injixo WFM users and those looking to get started with injixo can access our monthly ‘Ask the Expert’ webinars. Every month, Neeraj Mehta and Giles Potter will host a live webinar that covers any topic from workforce management and optimisation, quality monitoring and assurance.

Our ‘Ask the Expert’ webinars offer convenient access to expert advice and information. Participants will benefit from having their specific questions answered by our experts, hearing the questions that others in the field have, and learning from real life examples.

Questions may be submitted in advance when you register, or by emailing [email protected]  or may also be asked live during the webinar.

‘Ask the expert’ webinars are scheduled on a monthly basis and announcements regarding the subject and time will be posted in advance so do visit our Events page regularly to see what’s new and register.

Ask Great Outcomes now for a discussion or demonstration to get started with injixo. Contact us now.