Teleopti Partners with 8×8 to Deliver First, 100% Cloud-Based
Virtual Contact Center and Integrated Workforce Management Solution

With the 8×8 Virtual Contact Center and Teleopti solution, all of the data integration is fully defined and pre-configured out of the box, providing the following benefits:

  • ● Fast and easy deployment. Since data synchronisation has already been done, it’s fast and easy to use 8×8’s call history data to drive the Teleopti staffing model. Systems are typically deployed within three weeks.
  • ● Build a quality staffing model. Because 8×8’s contact history is used to build the staffing model, Teleopti can develop a staffing model that understands reality to maximise its value.
  • ● Better service, significant savings. With Teleopti WFM capabilities, callcenters can reduce staffing costs, up to 30%, while ensuring that they are at fullest capacity at the busiest times. With 8×8’s Virtual Contact Center, each customer interaction is more efficient, significantly reducing staffing demands.
  • ● Manage interactions across all channels. Other integrations between Workforce Management and Contact Center systems can only manage phone interactions.
  • ● Give agents more control over their schedules. Teleopti’s scheduling tools allow agents to trade and manage shifts using self-service applications; supervisors can focus on more critical matters.
  • ● Integrate with payroll systems to fully automate paycheck processing. Teleopti provides integrations to ADP and other payroll systems to enable a fully automated payroll process based on agent status information in 8×8’s Virtual Contact Center.

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