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Scholarship Winners attain Mastery level in WFM 1-2-3

At our WFM 1-2-3 course in February, there was a high level of achievement for the course. The two Great Outcomes WFM Scholarship 2017 winners both attended the course and both achieved Mastery level passing with grades above 80%.     Pictured is Giles Potter, Director of Great Outcomes presenting Scholarship winner Sofia Zajkowski with her Mastery certificate in WFM 1-2-3.  Sofia is a Quality Lead at Concentrix where she has worked since 2015.  Also shown is Bridget Hewitt-Cartwright, Site Delivery Manager at Concentrix, Auckland.    

Introduction to injixo/The Call Center School’s eLearning Library

Nowadays contact centre training is commonly being completed through eLearning or web seminar more than in classroom training sessions.  Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and so it is best to be thoroughly familiar with what is available and when you would choose each format.  The training services provided by Great Outcomes can be delivered in all three formats so we are completely neutral on the subject.  We want to do what is best for you, and what you most want!   Great Outcomes invites you on a complimentary 60 minute virtual tour of The Call Center School’s eLearning Library. Sound interesting?  TCCS has an extensive ...

Enabling staff to engage through a Community platform

How do you value your Helpdesk or contact centre staff’s time? Asking service representatives to handle the simplest to the most complex issues is costly because there are many more simple interactions than complex ones. Finding an alternative to agent-assisted interactions on every occasion is ...