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Scheduling Principles and Problems

Scheduling Principles and Problems: Practical Solutions to Scheduling Challenges Have you managed to arrive at the delicate balance between efficient schedules and staff preferences? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! It’s the age-old problem that workforce planners and call center managers continue to struggle with week in and week out. (more…)

injixo Schedule

One-Stop Scheduling injixo WFM provides demand-oriented, optimized schedules that consider all relevant scheduling constraints. Multi-skill pooling efficiencies are achieved in a single step and in a fraction of the time required by other systems. Optimization injixo WFM automates your entire staff scheduling process from start to finish. With powerful, automatic optimization capabilities that produce optimal schedules under controlled conditions, injixo WFM quickly finds the solution that best matches supply and demand - consistently minimizing under- and over-staffing. Compliance injixo WFM ensures that all scheduling ...

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