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Fast Forward with Jody Paddy at Vocus

In this first episode of Fast Forward, Giles Potter of Great Outcomes meets with Jody Paddy, Head of Contact Centre at Vocus New Zealand. Watch as Jody outlines the fast technology transformation bringing two years planned changes into a rapid rollout.

Fixing Call Peaks and Abandonment

Low service levels at peak times is costly for everyone, and doesn't have to be taken for granted.  Finding approaches for raising call answer rates, reducing abandonment, and reducing staff stress is possible. Great Outcomes recently worked with Housing NZ Corporation to reduce call peaks, and here's what Julia Wootton, National Manager Contact Centres said about working with us:  "I am really happy with the quality of the analysis you provided. My confidence is a reflection of the level of effort you put into understanding our business so that your recommendations fit within the operating environment and organisational settings, which has ...