Surveying Staff and Customers – Ideas on Frequency

It is always good news hearing that a company is about to start a new survey, whether its an internal survey of staff or external with customers. Gathering feedback is the start of the process to positive change and improvement for your business.

Even with a one-time survey, you need to think about the timing, and also about the frequency of carrying out surveys whether internal or external. An initial survey will give you a baseline, setting a benchmark that you can judge later results against. To consider the timing of a single survey, versus two per year, or continuous surveying below is some continuous data as an example.

Surveying Staff and Customers – Ideas on Frequency

Surveying Staff and Customers – Ideas on Frequency

This data chart graphs average temperature highs and lows in Auckland, New Zealand. With continuous and occasional surveys, each has their purpose and it really depends on what you are asking. Great Outcomes particularly uses continuous surveys when clients are working through a major change process. As you can see by the weather data, with a semi-annual survey your results would be highly dependent on the two points in the year when you choose to complete the survey. Choosing June and December highs for instance, would give a very different result to choosing February and August. Only a few months between, but the former would indicate a possible rising trend and the latter would indicate a declining position.

With change management, we are working with clients to identify the specific areas that require improvement and using continuous measurement we can come back each month, or each quarter and review how well the targeted areas have developed.

You don’t need to think that continuous surveying will automatically be more expensive for you, it may be that the survey captures fewer respondents but continuously throughout the year rather than two larger surveys at two points in the year.

Hopefully these ideas will be useful in your design stages for the work you’re doing. If there’s anything you need regarding surveys please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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