Case Study: Work Smarter, Not Harder – Alberts NZ

The Boardroom, 1 Albert St, Auckland, New Zealand

In the last year, life has looked very different for many people across the globe. From working in an office space and meeting in person for business consultations with everything you needed right there, to working from kitchen tables and home offices and virtual meetings. And for those who are not tech-savvy, this has posed a bit of a challenge. Giles Potter, Owner – Director of Great Outcomes was able to help Alberts, a New Zealand private tenants club find the resources that would best fit the needs of their clients during these tumultuous times. In the time of virtual meetings, every interface has different rules and setups and quirks, which can turn these meetings into a massive headache far too quickly.

However, Great Outcomes had the resources, knowledge, and skills to help Alberts find a communication interface that would work best for both them and their clients that would be painless to operate and customizable to get exactly what was needed at different times. During a time that was stressful globally, Great Outcomes could help Alberts in a way that made a critical aspect of everyday business a little less stressful.

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