Stuck on Research?

Great Outcomes has been engaged by clients to do extensive research projects in different customer service environments. Based on this experience we have critically analysed two methods to help clients choose the best customer service research method to suit their needs.

A larger customer service environment used the mystery shopping method. This required anonymous individuals completing a customer service interaction, and asking questions assigned by us. The individuals then filled out a survey form including both quantitative and qualitative data based on their customer service interaction. This was reviewed and analysed with conclusions of the outcomes presented to the client. read more….

This research method provides many advantages such as; utilisng a real-life scenario, providing assessment across multiple channels, the ability to assess large environments, it provides randomised data (the CSR does not know they are being assessed) and finally provides data on current practices versus expected practices. However, this method is a more expensive method due to hiring and training of the field workers and hence more expensive to apply regionally or globally, but it provides an extensive assessment of a customer service environment with limited bias.

The next research method is the customer experience monitoring using an online surveying method. Once an interaction is complete, an online feedback survey is sent to the individual for anonymous completion.

This method provides direct feedback from consumers who use this service often (data from the target crowd), it is a cheaper research method, it provides continuous feedback if the client desires, it is applicable across multiple channels and it can be cheaply implemented regionally or globally depending on client needs. However, it is voluntary resulting in fewer responses and bias responses, for example, from people who had a bad experience.

We are sure there is a research method suitable for your customer service environment, these are just a few examples to show you the benefits. If you would like to inquire or find out about a customer service research method perfect for you contact us now!


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