Preparing for 2015?

At this time of year you could be forgiven for wanting to think about your summer break ahead and all that involves.  However, when New Year rolls in that will start a number of considerations that you probably should be preparing for now, such as:

  • Staff back-up for the New Year and summer holiday period
    Your roster schedules are probably finished, with New Year’s leave long confirmed.  Theoretically there’ll be adequate staffing throughout, but what plans are in place to respond if it’s inadequate staff cover?  How your team responds to service demands during this period will make the difference between returning to a performance report you’re pleased with rather than one you’d rather not see.  Can additional cover be called in if it isn’t the hottest summer and everyone decides to call or visit your organisation? More about staff resource planning….


  • FY2015 – First Quarter’s training and people development plans
    After New Year most businesses are into the final quarter(s) of their financial year and that time will pass quickly. As most leaders are measured by the extent they have developed their teams during the year, your Personal Development Plan progress is essential.  Creating a solid plan for the development of your leaders and customer delivery staff needs thought now. Completing a 10-12 week training plan in Quarter 1 will need to start immediately in New Year due to the number of short weeks there are in this first quarter.  More about Learning and Development strategy…


  • Service experience development projects
    What do you know about the experience you provide to your customers and how current is that information?  If your organisation relies on Quarterly surveys that are reported after the quarter then you are well behind current thinking. Customer feedback mechanisms now enable instant alerts by text or email to Service Delivery Managers. If you’re not getting instant updates online about your customers who’ve had a bad experience that day start reviewing your customer monitoring tools in early 2015. Book an appointment now to discuss that in January. More about Customer Monitoring and Research….Have a wonderful New Year’s break, and we look forward to working with you in 2015!

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