NZ Sign Language Week 2021, 10-16 May

NZSL video channel in the contact centre

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is the language of Aotearoa NZ’s Deaf community and an official language capable of expressing concepts from both English and te reo Māori but is itself a distinct language. Deaf Aotearoa organises this celebration which helps to promote the language and raises awareness of New Zealand’s Deaf community. 

Great Outcomes is very proud to support NZSL week and congratulates all companies in Aotearoa that have gone the extra mile to alter their contact centre service queues, run events, introduced sign linguists or in whatever way they have to celebrate NZSL this year.

In particular, we celebrate Slingshot and Vocus NZ who have developed and operate an NZSL video service line as a feature of the Slingshot contact centre.

To add a video queue to your contact centre ask Great Outcomes now for more information. With a single click, agents can escalate any interaction to a video call with screen share capabilities. We have a range of options to consider about how best to introduce video as part of an omnichannel solution, or even as a standalone queue. Let’s discuss how you want to use it. NZ Deaf users are just one community that appreciate the video option.

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Quick NZSL facts: 

  • NZSL has a 60% similarity to BSL (British Sign Language). 
  • The New Zealand Sign Language dictionary was published by Victoria University in 1998.
  • In 2011, the university launched the Online Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language. 


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