Case Study: Double the bang for half the buck! NZ Assist’s new dialler

L-R: Tony Goffin, Contact Centre Manager NZ Assist; Giles Potter, Great Outcomes; Steve Reck, Contact Centre Consultant NZ Assist.

When a Kiwi company decides to upgrade their outbound dialler to better reach and connect with their customers, they turn to Great Outcomes to help achieve their goals! Telephone has always been the best tool for this client to reach potential customers and Great Outcomes had the high calibre expertise in this field. With the help of Great Outcomes, NZ Assist was able to double their speed and cut their costs in half, getting much more bang for their buck!

“We would have never found a solution that achieved the kind of results we’ve had without Great Outcomes” states Steve Reck, NZ Assist’s Contact Centre Consultant

Great Outcomes was able to take the marketing needs of NZ Assist, find the very best application for their business needs, and give them outstanding results with quicker speed and cheaper prices. Great Outcomes went above and beyond to give the very best service to their client, leading to success for both companies.

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