Scalable Customer Communications with Zoom Contact Centre

Zoom Contact Centre is an omnichannel contact centre solution that’s optimised for video and integrated right into the same Zoom experience.

An integrated contact centre experience helps organisations remove the barriers that lead teams to work in silos and instead, increases employee collaboration and productivity. Even better, this integration lessens the burden for IT teams by deploying the same Zoom application.

With Zoom Contact Centre, businesses uncover new efficiencies through myriad benefits, including scalable features, innovative functions, intuitive dashboards, and remote-friendly software.

  • Simple agent and supervisor experiences
  • Built for flexibility and alignment to any organisation
  • Integrate Zoom Contact Centre into existing experiences

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Experience the future of customer service with Zoom Contact Centre, where simplicity, flexibility, and integration converge to elevate your customer interactions to a new level. Download the infographic now!