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injixo Me is our agent self-service portal that enables employees to interact with injixo WFM using the device that every agent carries at all times – the smartphone.
Agents can view shifts, request vacation, swap shifts, bid for shifts and get schedule adherence reminders – all from their iPhone, iPad or Android device.
injixo Me also enables agents to easily check and maintain their work schedules on desktop computers using any standard web browser.

Agent Dashboard


With the injixo Me dashboard, agents have access to the most relevant, personal and immediate information about their schedule. The dashboard provides an overview of the agent’s activities for today and also their agen
da for the next seven days.



Notifications, such as being informed of upcoming shift bidding periods and deadlines for bidding, are also displayed on the dashboard. Agents will also be alerted to shift exchange offers that they have received from other agents.

Vacation Requests


The agent’s vacation entitlement for the year is displayed, together with remaining vacation balance. Vacation requests can be submitted with a few clicks and the status of the requests can instantly be tracked – from ‘Pending’ to either ‘Approved’ or ‘Declined’.

Shift Bidding

injixo Me

Using injixo Me, agents can view upcoming unassigned shifts and bid for shifts according to their preferences. It is possible to place a first and second choice on each day.

Shift Exchange


Shifts can also be exchanged between colleagues on a self-service basis. Agents can offer their own shifts for exchange and make offers for shifts from other agents. Result: a schedule that offers better work/life balance.

Agent Schedules


Agents have instant access to their work schedules on their computer or mobile device. It is also possible to export schedules to PDF format. Work schedules can be imported into most calendar applications, such as Google Calendar or Calendar on iPhone devices.

Calendar Integration


Using calendar subscription, the injixo Me schedule can be synchronized with the agent’s personal calendar, thus ensuring that the agent has access to up-to-date schedules at all times. It also means that he receives work reminders in exactly the same way as personal reminders – great for schedule adherence.




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