injixo Forecast


Data Processing and Forecasting

injixo Forecast is a fully automated, always-up-to-date data processing and forecasting engine that handles phone calls, social media and other business drivers. Designed specifically to enable demand-oriented staff planning, it provides continually updated forecasts with minimal user interaction.

Time Saving

injixo Forecast enables you to always have the best available forecast values for your business drivers like inbound calls or chat sessions – automatically. It allows planners to spend less time on the labor-intensive, tedious and repetitive aspects of forecasting, freeing them up to spend more time thinking strategically and collaborating with other departments.

Automatic Forecasting

The forecast calculation is refreshed automatically whenever there is new historic data available. Therefore the Planner can be sure that the forecast is always based on the latest available information.


Pattern Recognition

Each time a forecast is generated, intraday and interday patterns are created; for interday calculations weekly, monthly, seasonal and yearly patterns are taken into account. In addition, trends in the data are evaluated and applied.



Exception Handling

injixo Forecast automatically locates outliers in the data. These outliers are marked as exceptions for examination by the planner so that invalid data is not used in the forecast process.



Guided User Experience

The planner does not need to manually execute a forecast at intervals. In fact, the planner does not have to interact with the forecast at all unless they specifically want to add information, based on their own knowledge of the business.


quality-controlQuality Control

The forecast engine constantly performs self-tests on the quality of the generated forecasts and adapts the calculation parameters based on this test. The overview screen gives warnings of potential quality issues using a traffic-light metaphor. Where forecast quality is found to be questionable, a detailed report is provided, together with recommendations for corrective action that the planner should take.



Special Event Handlingspecial-event-handling

When injixo Forecast finds an exception, it informs the planner about this occurrence, so that the exception can potentially be converted into a known event, so that it can be handled by the system if it occurs in future. The impact of events is automatically calculated without further manual intervention.


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