Great Outcomes Webinars

2024 Customer Experience Series

May, 2024 | Available on Demand

Great Outcomes and Zoom hosted a hybrid session for an excellent opportunity for Contact Centre professionals to connect, absorb knowledge, and stay updated on the latest technology in the Customer Experience field.

What you can expect from this session:

  • Exploring the AI-Powered Features.
  • Personalisation in Customer Experience.
  • Multi-Channel Engagement.
  • Empathy in Customer Experience.
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Advocacy.
  • Gain valuable insights into Zoom’s digital innovation prowess and explore the cutting-edge features of the Zoom Contact Centre platform, showcasing AI-driven, seamless digital customer interactions.


Lukas Carruthers – Head of Sales and GTM from Zoom
Hyma Vulpala – Global Digital Engagement Partner from Toll Group
Spiz Constandinou – Head of Customer Experience Consumer
Luke Warneminde – Customer Experience Technical Specialist from Zoom


Giles Potter – Director from Great Outcomes

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