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Tyrant Turnaround

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$375 October 19, 2016 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Tyrant Turnaround: Going from Difficult to Delighted Callers

Being on the frontline in a call centre is a tough job, and it’s made even tougher by the occasional (or frequent) caller who is complaining, angry, or even hostile. Add to the mix other challenging callers that are just mildly annoying such as talkative, confused, or just impatient. But any of these calls can have a positive side with the satisfaction of being able to turn a difficult call into a positive customer experience for both you and the caller. This session provides “must have” techniques for dealing with all kinds of calls, from mildly irritating to very difficult. Students will learn specific vocabulary formulas and voice tone techniques to use to turn a stressful encounter into a positive interaction. Particular attention will be paid to reaching a successful outcome with every complaint call.

 Seminar attendees will learn to:

  • Identify caller types and how to categorize them in order to select the right phone technique.
  • Outline proven practices for handling complaints, so that these calls become a gift instead of a nuisance.
  • Describe the steps for diffusing a caller’s anger so a positive outcome can be reached.
  • Practice voice tone techniques proven to turn around an angry or hostile caller.
  • Outline steps to reduce stress after a challenging or difficult call.

Facilitated by: Giles Potter, Director, Great Outcomes

Giles is a speaker, author and experienced Consultant, who has been providing training and development guidance for over 11 years, after holding senior roles in the financial services industry.  As a Consultant, Giles has worked with Executive leaders in many of New Zealand’s government agencies and multinational corporations.

Seminar Access:

Access to web seminars in the Masters Series is provided via an Internet connection and a separate audio (telephone) connection. Two days prior to each seminar, you will receive email access instructions for the web portion and the telephone number to call.

Web Seminar Cost:  The cost of your first connection is $375 + GST An unlimited number of students may attend via a single web/audio connection.


Attend the nine core sessions in the Frontline Fundamentals Track and take the Mastery Exam to earn certification. Students achieving 80% or higher score on the exam will receive certification from The Call Centre School. The certification processing fee per student is $35 for web seminar attendees; there is no certification charge for classroom participants.

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