Covid-19 Assistance and Information

  • Great Outcomes is here to assist all businesses transition to a work-from-home (WFH) mode
  • With the country operating in various Alert Levels your business may need assistance to help staff receive calls at home or anywhere they’re working.
  • Great Outcomes can advise and support in many ways such as:
    • Cloud based systems that require no hardware
    • Updating IVR design and voice scripts with relevant messaging
    • Internet testing and migration from copper to fibre connections
    • Improving internet speeds and configuration for WFH employees
    • Diagnosing home based internet problems for your employees
    • Security improvement through improved Security Awareness Training, Password Management and Multi-Factor Authentication assistance
    • Cloud based document storage and migration off physical servers at office sites
    • Remote access software for internal Helpdesks to login to WFH employee hardware
    • Network Monitoring to ensure only bona-fide employees are present on your network
    • Cyber Security breach response defence preparation, guidance and assistance

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