Cloud Contact Centre

A cloud based contact centre application delivers the advanced communication tools you need to enhance the customer experience and provide world-class customer support and sales. Great Outcomes offers a range of solutions that are completely cloud-based, significantly reducing both your capital and operating expenses.

 Cloud Contact Centres
Services that will transform your customer experience delivery

Any Media
Communicate with customers and manage contacts on all channels: voice, email, chat, SMS and social media
web. Manage interaction in an omni-channel format for increased customer satisfaction, greater efficiency and better responsiveness.

Reliability and Security
Solutions we provide enable reliability, security and compliance for companies that must satisfy the requirements of PCI or other regulations such as FISMA, FIPS, Safe Harbor or HIPAA.

Analytics Increase Agent Productivity
An intuitive, web-based user interface lets agents work anywhere, while centralised management and reporting features empower supervisors to manage everything from agent scheduling to coaching, recording and call intervention.

Connect Locally. Manage Globally
Secure and redundant data centres help unite and manage multisite contact centres into one seamless support organisation. Agents can work from anywhere, and through intelligent routing design you can rely on interactions being directed to the most appropriate agent whatever their location.

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