Call Resolution Rates

A popular topic with Contact Centre Managers is First Call Resolution, yet many say they are not sure how to measure it or how to gain lasting improvements.

Rather than attempting to estimate your resolution rate by complicated deduction methods such as the number of retries from the same customer per day, it is better to go directly to the customer and ask them; “Has your enquiry been fully resolved today?”

Establishing a post-call survey is less difficult than you think.  You don’t need to engage another team in your organisation. Why allow your Marketing or Communications team to run customer surveys when your team own the customer experience delivered?

Think about it from another aspect, if 65% of your callers said “Yes my enquiry has been fully resolved today”, then 35% are saying they received something other than full resolution. 

If you knew what they were expecting and what your centre delivered, you’d know the gap in your service delivery that you can work on.

Be proactive and find the faults and failures in your service delivery practices first before others do.  Starting post-call surveys begins by asking for help to get started.  Great Outcomes can help you improve your Resolution Rate. Just ask us how!  Contact us now.


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