5 Signs You Need A Unified Communications Consultant & What To Expect

Business communications have grown more complex in recent years due to remote and hybrid working models spanning the globe. 

As we’ve entered a new era where wires and physical locations no longer connect people, businesses need to provide the capabilities to maintain real-time connectivity, communication and collaboration in the workplace.

Fortunately, we have a solution: Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). UCaaS brings together all forms of communication, including voice calls, instant messaging, email, audio, and video conferencing, into one simplified platform. This allows users to seamlessly switch between different modes of communication and foster deeper connections over cloud technology.

The only problem is: we’ve innovated so fast that there’s an overwhelming number of options in the market. So how do you know when to seek out a unified communications consultant to find the right solution for you? This blog discusses the top signs that it’s time to speak to a unified communications consultant and what you can expect when working with them. If you’re really wanting to get across all the top unified comms products in the market, then you might be better to head on over to our blog top UCaaS providers.

5 Signs Your Business Needs A Unified Communications Consultant

  1. Your team struggles to communicate efficiently
    Is your team experiencing delays in communication, ineffective collaboration and slow decision-making? For instance, maybe your business only has email or voice calls and text as your communications options, and they’re on multiple platforms, possibly mobile phones. It’s time to find the right communication channels to achieve your team’s full potential.
  2. You have a remote or hybrid team
    Does your current software support remote working environments where staff can collaborate on a single application across multiple devices, no matter where they work? If you have a disengaged and unproductive remote workforce, it’s time to equip your team with better tools.
  3. Your customer experience needs improvement
    Are you noticing negative customer feedback, long wait times and unsatisfied staff? Customers expect to reach you quickly on their preferred communication channel as a result of digital transformation. Without the right technology, your staff and customers may struggle to achieve positive outcomes.
  4. Your existing software is expensive and hard to update
    Do you have separate solutions for your phone systems, emails and other communication channels? Is it difficult for you to make changes to your software, like adding or removing email addresses and phones? Maybe you have to pay a vendor to make even the simplest changes, or your paying monthly support and upgrade charges. An all-in-one solution with advanced customisation and fully included support can save you time and money. There’s no need for version upgrades as you’re always on the latest version.
  5. You’re struggling to stay competitive
    Are your competitors consistently quicker than your company to respond, or just easier to deal with? They may have adopted new, smarter and more efficient ways of working to increase their revenues? Are they driving up the standards for customer experience in your industry? You can improve your competitiveness with technology that keeps you in the forefront.

What To Expect When Working With A Unified Communications Consultant

If you’re noticing one or more of these signs in your business, you might be wondering what a unified communications consultant can do to help. 

As mentioned before, there’s a large selection of UCaaS providers in the market, and it’s easy for businesses to get overwhelmed with the number of options available.

It’s difficult for businesses to know:

  • What functionality they most need from new software
  • Which solutions will work best for them
  • What costs are involved, and what’s negotiable
  • How it will be implemented in their existing environment

This is where a unified communications consultant comes in. Here’s what to expect:

  • Defined Scope:
    Define your needs and develop a unified communications migration strategy that considers your current infrastructure, security framework and functional requirements.
  • Budget Management:
    Model costs for each solution in the market within your budget and understand potential ROI.
  • Product Analysis:
    Utilise partnerships with vendors to seek out the best-suited products available to your business and provide a comprehensive list of costed recommendations.
  • Implementation:
    Manage the procurement and implementation of the unified communication system to ensure minimal disruptions to your business.
  • Ongoing support – support long after the implementation is finished.

Speak To A Unified Communications Consultant Today

There’s no question that the future of modern business communications will be cloud-based, unified and feature-rich. A few insights from Talkdesk’s blog mentions new waves of challenges for businesses: 

  • Rapid growth in hybrid work models has established a new way of working
  • 40% of people now value customer support over the product or service itself
  • Disengaged employees are leaving companies at a rising rate

Find out how Great Outcomes can help you migrate to a game-changing solution for your business. Contact us today.

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